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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2013Actuarial and Financial Risks: Models, Statistical Inference, and Case StudiesRicardas Zitikis; Edward Furman; Abdelhakim Necir; Johanna Nešlehová; Madan L. Puri
11-Apr-2013Bias-corrected estimation in distortion risk premiums for heavy-tailed lossesBrahim Brahimi; Fatima Meddi; Abdelhakim Necir
11-Apr-2013Bias-reduced estimation of Wang's two-sided deviation risk measure under Levy-stable regimeBrahim Brahimi; Djamel Meraghni; Abdelhakim Necir; Sonia Touba
11-Apr-2013A bias-reduced estimator for the mean of a heavy-tailed distribution with an infinite second momentBrahim Brahimi; Djamel Meraghni; Abdelhakim Necir; Djabrane Yahia
11-Apr-2014Estimating Functionals for Heavy-Tailed Distributions and ApplicationAbdelhakim Necir; Djamel Meraghni
11-Apr-2014Estimating the Conditional Tail Expectation in the Case of Heavy-Tailed LossesAbdelhakim Necir; Abdelaziz Rassoul; Ričardas Zitikis
11-Apr-2014POT-based estimation of the renewal function of interoccurrence times of heavy-tailed risksAbdelhakim Necir; Abdelaziz Rassoul; Djamel Meraghni
11-Apr-2014A semiparametric estimation of copula models based on the method of momentsBrahim Brahimi; Abdelhakim Necir
11-Apr-2014A semiparametric estimation procedure for multi-parameter Archimedean copulas based on the L-moments methodFateh Benatia; Brahim Brahimi; Abdelhakim Necir
11-Apr-2014Statistical Estimation of Actuarial Risk Measures for Heavy-Tailed Claim AmountsAbdelhakim Necir
18-Apr-2014Statistical Inférence for Distortion Risk MeasuresAbdelhakim Necir