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dc.contributor.authorجربوعي, كمال-
dc.contributor.authorحسن, عبد الرزاق-
dc.description.abstractIt is no secret that the immunity judicial envoy diplomatic importance in providing a climate of freedom to act serenely away from state intervention envoy forth its affairs, settled customary international law to grant the envoy that immunity and confirmed by the relevant international conventions, but he , has taken advantage of this status to escape from the submission to the judiciary some states to institutionalize this capacity for habitat of the perpetrators of crimes to prevent their appearance before the court, but the international community alert to that came Article 27 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court not to invoke the official capacity to undergo the court's jurisdiction, and thus no longer such diplomatic barrier without being subject to the jurisdiction of international Criminal Court (ICC) if they committed a diplomatic agent of the crimes contained in the Statute of the international Criminal Courten_US
dc.titleالحصانة القضائية للمبعوث الدبلوماسيen_US
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