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dc.contributor.authorعباسي, محمد الصديق-
dc.contributor.authorبودوح, ماجدة شاهيناز-
dc.description.abstractIn light of the economic and social changes, the individual remains exposed to many risks. Therefore, he is always seeking to use modern scientific methods to face these risks. And property. Insurance in this area is one of the most important means to provide insurance coverage for individuals and companies from many risks, and rely on a set of techniques and foundations for the purpose of good risk assessment and the granting of appropriate compensation because of the realization of insured risks. The insurance contract is defined as a contract between the insurer and the Beneficiary. The first is obliged to pay premiums and the second is obliged to pay the amount of insurance during the occurrence of a risk to the insured. In this memorandum we have attempted to take a comprehensive look at the concept of the insurance system how it is concluded, and the role of this system in managing the risks to individuals and institutions, and how this system ends and the settlement of disputes .en_US
dc.titleالنظام القانوني لعقود التأمينen_US
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