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dc.contributor.authorOuahrani, Asma-
dc.description.abstractThe main objective of this study is to evaluate the antioxidant activity of two extracts EtOAc and n-BuOH from plant Fumana thymifolia. This species belonging to the Cistaceae family known for its richness in polyphenols and especially flavonoïds.This is confirmed by carrying out a TLC chromatography of the extracts obtained from our plant, which showed characteristic spots of the phenolic compounds. The total polyphenols (TPP), total flavonoïds (TFV) and condensed tannins (CT) content of the two extracts (EtOAc and n-BuOH) was carried out by the methods of Folin-Ciocalteu aluminum trichloride (AlCl3) and vanillin respectively. This result revealed that the ethyl acetate extract contains a great amount of TPP(396.44 mg EAG.g-1 extrait) and TFV(85.330 mg EC.g-1 extrait) while the n-BuOH extract is the richest in TC (8.5735 mg EC.g-1 extrait). The evaluation of antioxidant activity of EtOAc and n-BuOH extracts isolated from the F.thymifolia plant was carried out by the method of DPPH free radical scavenging. The results obtained show that both extracts reacted as antioxidants.en_US
dc.subjectCistaceae; Fumana thymifolia; antioxidant activity; total polyphenols; total flavonoïds; condensed tannins;DPPH.en_US
dc.titleEvaluation de l’activité antioxydante des extraitsacétate d’éthyle et butanolique de Fumana thymifoliaen_US
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