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dc.contributor.authorرشيد فراح, يوسف بودلة-
dc.description.abstractClassifies the tourism sector with the services sector, but it differs from the rest of the activities of other services, the fact that tourism product compound, is formed from material goods and non-material, so it has been classified within the various services, he shares some characteristics with the general characteristics of services, as well as to the existence of properties further distinguish it from other services. The tourism marketing is an important factor in achieving the development of tourism, given for his role in the definition and promotion of the tourism product, and convinces customers to increase their demand on tourism products. It also represents the tourism development of various programs aimed at achieving balanced and stable increase in tourism resources, and deepens and streamlines productivity in the tourism sector.en_US
dc.titleدور التسويق السياحي في دعم التنمية السياحية و الحد من أزمات القطاع السياحيen_US
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