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dc.contributor.authorسناء جبيرا-
dc.description.abstractCertainly the developments movements of HRISs caused a significant impact –agreed by all the researchers_ represented in the liberalization of HR function as a traditional tasks to focus on strategic issues in HR management that add organization’s value through the intensive employment of advanced technology, especially server/client Tech and the Web Tech. most organizations still considered these systems as unpredictable dark tunnel which must avoided or virtual vision founded to participate in the organization strategic objectives but soon they turn into a modest participation at the executive level. This paper aims to focus on the mechanisms that enable the strategic use of HRISs.en_US
dc.subjectHRISs, HRISs governance, HRISs urbanization, HRISs strategic alignmenten_US
dc.titleنحو تحقيق القيمة الاستراتيجية لنظم معلومات الموارد البشريةen_US
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