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dc.contributor.authorمخلخل, فاطمة_الزهرة-
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this study is to measure the effect of the devaluation of the Algerian dinar on the balance of trade. We found through this study that the Algerian dinar was subjected to several reductions by the monetary authorities due to several objectives, including improving the trade balance and the refore improving the situation of the balance of payments. The results of this study indicate that the devaluation of the Algerian dinar did not have a significant impact on the Algerian economy, especially the trade balance, and this is because the exports that are invaded by the hydrocarbons sector, which is outside the scope of the devaluation policy and that is because it is denominated by US dollars. in other hand, the increase in the value of imports due to lack of domestic production and the rise in the demand for foreign products. It can be said that the policy of reducing the Algerian dinar has led to its deterioration and make it classified in the list of the worst currencies.en_US
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