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dc.contributor.authorKhaldi, Mostafa-
dc.description.abstractHumans can distinguish between objects by recognizing their shapes and colors thus they can tell if this is a car or a track, this ability becomes even rich and accurate by each time the humans learn from nature and environment, which computers stands blind if they are programmed for certain kind of objects and they encountered new input of a new object that they have no prerequisites about. How to teach a computer? You can either write a fixed program or you can enable the computer to learn on its own. Living beings do not have any programmer writing a program for developing their skills, which then only has to be executed. They learn by themselves without the previous knowledge from external impressions and thus can solve problems better than any computer today. What qualities are needed to achieve such a behavior for devices like computers? Can such cognition be adapted from biology?en_US
dc.titleGrayscale Image Colorizationen_US
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