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dc.contributor.authorبن عمر سامية-
dc.description.abstractThe study of the influence of the television programs that is directed towards children ,on themis considered as one of the most important sociological studies in recent years,because of the important role played by the television and its different child’s programs.It became a competitive to the parents in the upbringing of the children,where it imposes new functions on the family that has relation with the social progressof the child;because it is the educational environment that takes on the cultural and the social heritage to him/her. Our studies tardet on the theoretical treatment of the subject from a sociological side and practices this sociological knowledge ,inorder to know the extent of the influe,ce of those programs on the upbringing of the family within the Algerian society. For the implementation of this target we started from the following problematic: 1-How could the television programs that is directed towards the children influence the Algerian family upbringing of them? 2-Do the child’s television programs contradict with the Algerian family upbringing? To answer those questions we have to put the following hypothesises:.....en_US
dc.titleتأثير البرامج التلفزيونية الموجهة للأطفال على التنشئة الأسرية في المجتمع الجزائريen_US
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