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dc.contributor.authorKhalifa AHSINA-
dc.description.abstractOur objectives through this research are multiple: it is a question in a first point of analyzing the evolution of the concept of the systems of management control in the scientific literature. Beyond the analysis of the concept, the second objective of the work, consists in suggesting and confirming a general model of the performance, which integrates not only the traditional model of management control, but also an interactive model. These two types of control will have certainly an impact on the performance of companies, but a differentiated contributionen_US
dc.subjectDiagnostic systems of management controlen_US
dc.subjectInteractive systems of management controlen_US
dc.subjectEmergent strategyen_US
dc.subjectOrganizational strategyen_US
dc.titleModélisation de l’apport des systèmes de contrôle de gestion à la performance : une approche quantitativeen_US
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