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dc.contributor.authorأ.د.مفتاح صالح-
dc.description.abstractKnown to the world economy beginning of 2007 a real financial crisis ravaged the economies of developed and developing countries alike, and spread their effects to the present time, have revealed the fragility of the American system based on liberal capitalism. In this paper, we dealt with at the beginning concepts relating to the financial crisis and its causes and her story and Manifestations in the U.S. economy and European and global, which was the cash-flow crisis led to the collapse of many banks and declare bankruptcy, and the end of low stock prices and declining stock indexes and the collapse of many of them, also dealt with the stages of the major passed out of this crisis since 2007 and their impact on the U.S. economy and the measures taken to address the This crisis, as well as their impact on the economies of Arab countries in general and the Algerian economy in particularen_US
dc.titleالأزمة المالية العالميةen_US
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