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dc.contributor.authorالعربــــــــي بخـــــــــــــــتي-
dc.description.abstractScientists did not differ on the importance of the mind and that is the chief role of responsibility. They considered it as a force that understands the human realities of things and get science, as it controls the soul and gi it back from committing what is wrong. Moreover, it prevents man from committing bad acts, which is regarded a condition to accept the words and deeds, and if the owner losses the mind ,he will certainly loss the capacity to distinguish between things and become irresponsible . Furthermore, the scientists did not doubt that his loser could not be bound by anything, like animals. Therefore, it is a must to take care of the minds of the children of the nation in terms of providing fullfoodand healthprotection.Thevalueof reason and its effect on the behavior of individuals has a significant effect enjoined parental scholars in the mind of the crime that goes.en_US
dc.titleالتكوين العقلي وأثره في جنوح الأحداثen_US
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