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dc.contributor.authorمسعــــود شعنـــان-
dc.description.abstractand development of the concept of human rights as well as the controversy that still exists between supporters of the idea of the universality of human rights and those who favor conformity with the specificities of each society. The study also questions the impact of globalization on the acceleration of the universality of human rights. The study tries also to address the double standards and selectivity through which major powers and international organizations handle their evaluation of Arab countries with respect to human rights. In the conclusion, the study makes three future scenarios through which it shows how states , which advocates cultural specifity of rights, maneuvers with international pressures that aim to impose a single global system of human rights.en_US
dc.titleحقوق الإنسان بين عالمية القيم وخصوصية الثقافات وعلاقة ذلك بالعولمةen_US
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