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dc.contributor.authorزغـــدار عبدالحق-
dc.description.abstractThe present article treats an important issue with dangerous security implications, id est. the effects of drugs on national security which have received the attention of both academia and practitioners in the field of politics. This has led a number of Mediterranean countries to pay attention to consider the problem as being both important and dangerous at the same time. The article is an attempt to shed light on the relationship between the issue of drugs and the national security in it is geopolitical dimension, particularly in the Mediterranean region. This clarification takes into consideration the development of concept of national security, with special focus on the military and other important dimensions (Social, Economic and political); the effect of drugs on these dimension; and how to treat the problem in the new Mediterranean geopolitical apparatus as to eradicate it due to its harmful effect on societies and individuals.en_US
dc.titleواقع وآفاق التعاون الأمني في المتوسط في مجال مكافحة المخدراتen_US
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