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dc.contributor.authorDJEDDOU, Messaoud-
dc.contributor.authorACHOUR, Bachir-
dc.contributor.authorMARTAUD, Maurice-
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents a determination of daily reliability level of activated sludge wastewater treatment plant in Eastern of Algeria, using a method developed by Niku et al (1979) for determination of coefficient of reliability (COR), for effluent concentrations of BOD5, COD, and TSS obtained from four years data operation (2009-2012). We calculated COR, and using Algerian standards concentrations we have determined a daily reliability level for the considered parameters. The results showed that in global effluent BOD5 and COD performances are in terms of compliance with the Algeria standards, effluent TSS performances are not enough good due to the high variability of the quantity and quality of waste water, and problems in some components of the treatment processfr_FR
dc.subjectWastewater treatment plantfr_FR
dc.subjectdaily reliabilityfr_FR
dc.subjecteffluent concentrationfr_FR
dc.subjectactivated sludgefr_FR
dc.titleDétermination du niveau quotidien de fiabilité dans une station de traitement des eaux usées municipalefr_FR
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