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dc.contributor.authorK. YAHIA-
dc.contributor.authorA. MENACER-
dc.contributor.authorA/h. BENAKCHA-
dc.contributor.authorF. BENCHABANE-
dc.contributor.authorD. TAIBI-
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents the regulation in position of a permanent magnets synchronous machine, controlled by variable structure regulators, associated with the extended Kalman filter, for the estimation of the speed and position in real time. Comparing with the vector control using PI regulators, the technique of variable structure control shows remarkable characteristics of robustness opposite of the internal and external variations. The extended Kalman filter estimates speed and position. The results obtained by simulation, show the robustness of extended Kalman filter opposite to load variation and direction of rotationen_US
dc.titleContrôle robuste en position sans capteur mécanique du moteur synchrone à aimants permanents en utilisant le filtre de Kalman étenduen_US
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