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dc.contributor.authorF. BENCHABANE-
dc.contributor.authorA. MENACER-
dc.contributor.authorA. BENAKCHA-
dc.contributor.authorD. TAIBI-
dc.contributor.authorK. YAHIA-
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we analyzed the behaviour of the control system by a PI controller and a variable structure controller (VSC) for various operating conditions of the permanent magnet synchronous motor. The results so obtained are compared for the control speed and position. This comparison is carried out under the same operating conditions (references, loads, disturbances) and in the same configuration of digital simulation (sampling time, duration of simulation).en_US
dc.subjectMSAP, commande vectorielle, commande à structure variableen_US
dc.titleEtude comparative entre la commande vectorielle avec régulateurs PI et à mode glissant pour l’asservissement de la vitesse ou de la position d'un moteur synchrone à aimants permanentsen_US
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