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dc.contributor.authorخوني, رابح-
dc.contributor.authorحساني, رقية-
dc.description.abstractInteraction between international trade and environment has been among the most important topics that are discussed nowadays . Discussions focus on how to balance between liberalization of international trade as an economic policy for development and its negatives effects on environment, from one side, and between the effects of application of environmental policies and standards on resettlement of industries and state competitive in international trade, from the other side. Although the vital importance of environment for the continuity of human life, liberalization of international trade is an obligatory thing for the economic development , so the solution lies in establishing sustainable development for the best of both environment and international trade in the same time.en_US
dc.titleالآثار المتبادلة بين المعايير البيئية القدرة التنافسية و التجارة الخارجيةen_US
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