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dc.contributor.authorحتحوت, نورالدين-
dc.description.abstractWars have always worked on the formulation of the pattern of interaction of the international system, as happened with two world wars but that the understanding of the characteristics of the international system after the end of the cold war. Reflected in the increasing prevalence of the term of the recognition of the situation that has prevailed since the end of cold war, and of the degree and extent of the impact of the procedure to extern complacency and erosion of the border between the two that are no longer limited to the penetration ranges of traditional political and economic, but extended to include also social and cultural. This study shows that globalization two mattersof which the trouble witnessed by the international system with emphasis on the cultural dimensions.en_US
dc.titleخصائص العلاقات الدولية في ما بعد الحرب الباردة وأطروحات العولمةen_US
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