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dc.contributor.authorHemmami Mohammed Ilyes-
dc.description.abstractThe permanent magnet machines have in recent years experienced a boom. It is through improving the qualities of permanent magnets (specifically using rare earth), the power electronics development and non linear technical control. In this paper, we present the model of permanent magnet synchronous motor in the coordinate system linked to the rotating field Park for its control. Firstly, we study the control with speed sensor of this machine. PI controllers are used for regulating the motor speed and the currents within a field oriented vector control. The PI controllers are then replaced by a sliding modes controller. Performance of the two regulators PI and SMR will be analyzed and compared. The PMSM is then controlled by the direct torque control (DTC). The addition of a PI controller in this control gives good dynamic performance. In a second step we study the control without speed sensor. - by using a sliding mode observer obtained from the electrical quantities measurable (voltage and current) in the vector control. - by the use of the direct torque control associated with a sliding mode observer.en_US
dc.subjectPMSM, Field Oriented Control (FOC), Direct Torque Control (DTC), Speed Sensorless control, sliding mode, sliding mode observer.en_US
dc.titleCommande sans capteur de vitesse d’un moteur synchrone à aimants permanents (MSAP) par l’utilisation de la commande directe du couple et d’un observateur de vitesse à mode glissanten_US
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