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dc.contributor.authorAOUFI Ahmed-
dc.description.abstractWith its low cost, simplicity of construction and robustness, the asynchronous machine has become more and more attractive in the areas of variable speed drive. In first, we present the cage induction machine model in the park reference (d,q) related to the rotating field. We use to control this machine two control strategies. The first strategy is the indirect vector control with rotor flux oriented and the second is the direct torque control. The vector control has goods performances but requires additional sensors; the speed sensor presents some drawbacks so it is replaced by a sliding mode observer who observes the speed form measurable quantities (current and voltage). The second control strategy is the direct control of torque. In first, We present the command principles, then the addition of a PI controller in this command gives good performance. Using sliding mode observer for flux and torque within the command associated with the PI controller can make improvements to the performance of the DTC control.en_US
dc.subjectdirect torque asynchronous machine, hysteresis PWM, field oriented control (FOC), sliding mode observer, direct torque control (DTC).en_US
dc.titleUtilisation d’observateurs à modes glissants pour le contrôle direct de couple et le contrôle vectorielle d’une machine asynchrone à cageen_US
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