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dc.contributor.authorArif Ali-
dc.description.abstractIn the current energy context (pollution of fossil energies), the car occupies the universe of our company. Indeed, pollution by gas with greenhouse effect as well as a fuel consumption in constant increase, imply this object of consumption in the middle of the debates around energy. The electric vehicle (VE) is one of the recommended solutions, by the car manufacturers and the research organizations, to replace the traditional vehicles in particular in the centres town. The present thesis foccuses two main axes : The first one fixes as a goal the conception of smart power management algorithm, based on fuzzy logic theory, allowing a optimum power flow of the two used energy sources : The PV generator and the PEM fuel cell stack, under both the vehicule energy demand and solar irradiance levels. In the second axis, a direct torque controller, based on fuzzy logic theory, was disigned to control the induction motor to increase it’s mecanical and electrical performances. The obtained simulation results have proved the effectiveness of the proposed algorithmsen_US
dc.subjectelectric vehicle, GPV-FC, MPPT optimization, fuzzy controller, power management, direct torque control fuzzy.en_US
dc.titleAmélioration des performances d’un véhicule électrique alimenté par une source photovoltaïqueen_US
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