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dc.contributor.authorبـورنـي, نسيم-
dc.description.abstractPrisons were created out of vengeance criminals because of the crimes they have committed. So the aim of the sanction was only vengeance without taking into consideration the objective factors which lead the individuals to commit crimes. Thanks to philosophers and religions as the religion of Islam and the Christian one. That changed the view about prisoners. The prisoner, then , is considered as an individual who committed an error and can convert , or to take into account the objective reasons which lead him to commit the crime , such as poverty , unemployment , illiteracy and so on …. . And thus appeared a new that tries to extract the factors of the crime. Prisoners can take profit during the period of their prison; the unemployed can inquire new jobs, illiterates can learn and inquire new positive ideas which help them to change their behaviors. Since then, the punishment establishments have an educational role in the personality; mental, psychological, social and professional. The evolution of the penitentiary ideas permitted, minimum treatment of the prisoners in Geneva in 1954. Algeria tries to apply these rights. The penitentiaries policy has become a preoccupation in Algeria, It tries to save material and human condition to permit for modern penitentiary methods and for penitentiaries establishment to have an educational role.en_US
dc.titleالدور التربوي للمؤسسات العقابية و علاقته بإعادة تأهيل المساجينen_US
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