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dc.contributor.authorلطيـف, لبنى-
dc.description.abstractThe studies of sociology of development communication , reach the conclusion that means of communication in developing societies may play a key role in processes of development and modernization , if it will be used in the right and desired way ..The local radio –decentralization - it’s one of the most means of local communication able to participate in a process of social changement, as some of experiments media has explained in many of developed and also developing countries, and able to realize the local needs of individuals and give the services that the central radio can’t provided to them . but the importance of its role depends on nature of social problems.. This what will be discussed through this article .en_US
dc.titleالأدوار التنموية للإذاعة المحلية : نحو رؤية سوسيولوجية.en_US
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