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dc.contributor.authorLakhmissi Cherroun-
dc.contributor.authorMohamed Boumehraz-
dc.contributor.authorRaihane Mechgoug-
dc.description.abstractpaper presents a navigation method for an autonomous mobile robot. In order to equip the robot by capability of autonomy and intelligence in its environment, the control system must perform many complex information processing tasks in real time and it is well suited to use the soft-computing techniques. The objective of this paper is to elaborate an intelligent control system for the path following behavior by mobile robot using a neuro-fuzzy controller. The hybrid approach refers to the way of applying learning techniques offered by neural networks for fuzzy systems parameter identification. The proposed controller is used for pursing a moving target. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the designed controller.en_US
dc.subjectmobile robot, path following, neurofuzzy controller, hybrid learning, moving target pursing.en_US
dc.titleNeuro-Fuzzy Controller For The Path Following Behavior And Moving Target Pursing By A Mobile Roboten_US
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