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dc.contributor.authorNacer Yacine-
dc.description.abstractThe American system is considered as one of the most unique institution in the world. Since the emergence of its seeds from the Declaration of Independence in 1776, Bill of Right, and the series of the ratifications, it draws the basic skeleton of the American Constitution which offered a balance distribution of power under the system of Check and Balance. Indeed, the American Institution is not chosen randomly, but it goes through organized procedures. Election regarded as the political process in which all incumbent members of the government, cabinet, even the president are appointed by this compulsory step. In addition, this political process goes through complex progressive electoral scheme that held by electoral system which empowered by limits of each member's, issued by the constitution. Moreover, the chosen leaders should lead the nation into stable political and democratic country. The only thing that guaranteed that condition is the alternation in power which also insures progress, political health, and democracy. The main purpose of this study is to show how the alternation in power through peaceful shift, which is election leads America into performance and power. Indeed, the investigation proposes that the development and progress of the American nation is related to the alternation in the political power, then the United States is the highly developed and model nation.en_US
dc.subjectAlternation in power, elections, limit of power, development, stability, political corruption.en_US
dc.titleThe Alternation In Power Through Elections Is the Best Tool for Progress, case of the United States of Americaen_US
dc.typeMasters thesisen_US
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