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dc.contributor.authorNahla Azeb chikh-
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation examines man's attitude towards the death of a beloved in Edgar Allan Poe's poems, The Raven, Lenore, Ulalume, and Annabel Lee. Since the beginning of this life, man often avoids talking about the undeniable death because he could not bear the loss and bereavement alone. Few who stays strong and patient when a relative or close friend dies. Whatever the status of man, he suffers a lot in front of death. Everyone has his own way of mourning. Among them, poets are the most sensitive people who express their feelings of sadness and loss in a very elevated way, poetry. The use of the psychoanalytic approach in the analysis reveals the causes of the optimistic and the pessimistic attitudes, and the reasons behind the difference of man's attitudes towards death of a beloved. In turn, this approach will identify the man's state of mind then his personality as well.en_US
dc.subjectAttitude, death, optimism, pessimism, psychoanalysis.en_US
dc.titleThe Attitude towards the Death of a Beloved in edgar Allan poe's Poems, The Raven, Lenore, Ulalume, and Annabel Leeen_US
dc.typeMasters thesisen_US
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