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dc.contributor.authorMiss. BENKHALFALLAH Amina-
dc.description.abstractMany researchers in the field of TEFL confirmed that to achieve learners’ centeredness, teachers should shift their focus to teaching learning strategies rather than the content. As we know teaching learning strategies was neglected in the Algerian system. Nowadays, the emergence of the LMD system witnessed the emergence of the module of study skills which is devoted to teaching skills and strategies. The aim of this research is to raise the teachers’ and students’ awareness of learning strategies in learning foreign language. However, the explicit teaching of learning strategies can help language teachers to help students attain the goals of improving their mastery of the target language and of learning about the target culture. We hypothesize that if teachers are aware enough of learning strategies (metacognitive, cognitive and social affective) they can improve students learning outcomes. The method chosen is descriptive and data of this study was collected through two questionnaires one for students of first year and another one for teachers. the main results of the study confirm that my teachers are not aware of the different taxonomies of learning strategies and this issue is neglected in my classrooms where the focus is on the content (what) more than the way (how). By the end of the study we suggest a few taxonomies that teachers should master and teach them to learners of first year to help them raise their metacognition and know how to deal with the different modules and difficult issues and problems.en_US
dc.titleMotivating Students Throught Introducing Language Learning Strategies in Foreign Languge Learningen_US
dc.typeMasters thesisen_US
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