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dc.contributor.authorAouina Souad-
dc.description.abstractThis paper analyses and investigates the impact and the effect of the media on the American economy after the cold war. It is also improves the media’s role that helps the economy. We aim to reach the answer of our research question which is to what extent is the American media very important in selling American goods and enhance its economy? For that we make a special task of the U.S media in advertising. Therefore, this dissertation is divided into three chapters in which the role of media in economy is well set and studied. The first chapter deals with the different types of U.S media and their effects on the American economy. The second chapter focuses on the characteristics of the united model of capitalism and the economic system providing two examples of companies, Hollywood and Coca-Cola. And the third chapter is about a special task of the U.S media in advertising. We tackle to the definition of advertising, the types of advertising, the history of American advertising, and the point of advertising and economy. At the end we come to say that advertising is the best modern means of any economic success and America paved the way for that.en_US
dc.titleThe Role of the U.S Media in the Development of the U.S Economy after the Cold Waren_US
dc.typeMasters thesisen_US
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