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dc.contributor.authorBENNOUI, Hammadi-
dc.description.abstractThis thesis deals with the problem of distributed causal model-based diagnosis on interacting Be- havioral Petri Nets (BPNs). The system to be diagnosed comprises different interacting subsystems (each modeled as a BPN) and the diagnostic system is defined as a multi-agent system where each agent is designed to diagnose a particular subsystem on the basis of its local model, the local re- ceived observation and the information exchanged with the neighboring agents. The interactions between subsystems are captured by tokens that may pass from one net model to another via bordered places. The diagnostic reasoning scheme is accomplished locally within each agent by exploiting classical analysis techniques of Petri nets like reachability graph and invariant analysis. Once local diagnoses are obtained, agents begin to communicate to ensure that such diagnoses are consistent and recover completely the results that would be obtained by a centralized agent having a global view about the whole system.en_US
dc.subjectmodel-based diagnosisen_US
dc.subjectcausal modelsen_US
dc.subjectPetri netsen_US
dc.subjectreachability analysisen_US
dc.subjectinvariant anal- ysisen_US
dc.titleDistributed Causal Model-based Diagnosis An Approach by Interacting Petri Netsen_US
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