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Title: The Effects of Classroom Management on Pupils’ Achievement in Learning English as a Foreign Language
Authors: Boulala Asma
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2014
Abstract: The aim behind this present dissertation is to investigate whether classroom management affects onpupil’s achievement in learning English at secondary schools or not. This study focuses particularly on some ways and strategies that should be implemented by the teacher to create a productive and successful learning environment thus a better achievement in English learning process. The study was mainly conducted on four teachers and two groups include 26 pupils for each group (third year literary stream level at BordjBouArreridj Secondary school); the research was a qualitative one because it deals with the relationship between the causes and effects of the variables which are classroom management and pupils’ achievement in learning English as a foreign language. Aclassroom observation and open –ended interviews for teachers were designed; these two instruments serve as very reliable and powerful ones for gaining information about the issue; the obtained data were analyzed through descriptive analysis which is significant for analyzing the so-called data. The results of this study showed that pupils’ achievementis not good and the learning process is not successful which is not only due to poormanaged classroom but other reasons behind this failure as well mentioned by the interviewed teachers. We further give some recommendations and suggestions to increase pupils’ achievement and the leaning process
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