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dc.contributor.authorMr. BENGLIA Hichem-
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to determine the listening problems and challenges which face foreign language students at their age studying English in Mohammed Khaider University of Biskra. The present dissertation includes three chapters, the first chapter gives a deep overview and background of listening skill, also introduces the listening process, kinds, models, types, and some strategies of listening skill. The second chapter focuses on the most challenges, difficulties, and problems in listening comprehension in foreign language for the learners. The final chapter in this dissertation is a student’s questionnaire that contains two parts, the first part is about listening comprehension as a skill taught in the classrooms. In the second part we question the student towards the listening factors that summarize the several listening problems, also the analysis and discussion will be provided. Finally, listening skill will be treated as the important skill in English language in our context.en_US
dc.titleAn Investigation on Listening Challenges facing EFL Learners A Case Study of Second Year English Students at Biskra Universityen_US
dc.typeMasters thesisen_US
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