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dc.contributor.authorBen Alahem-
dc.description.abstractThe present work attempts to provide a closer look at Mohamed Khaider university’ EFL learners’ reluctance to speak and speech anxiety and tries to provide an answer and a solution to this problem by introducing the idea of utilizing oral presentation projects as a vital part of every TEFL course at the English department .The importance of creating orally capable or performance ready EFL learners is what drove the researcher to investigate this phenomenon. With that being said ,It’s is of a crucial significant for the TEFL learners to have an adequate speaking practice and be provided with many opportunities to exercise using the target language inside and out of the classroom .With the help of 87 students and 06 teachers in the questionnaire survey and the interviews, the researcher was able to gather as many opinions and views as possible regarding teaching and learning the speaking skill in the EFL classroom, speech anxiety and what’s causing it and finally perceptions about the oral presentations activity in the EFl context. This study was carried to point out the beneficial aspects of utilizing oral presentation projects as a helpful technique and a practice to anxious TEFL undergraduates to loosen up, engage and talk more in class. And to help teachers reconsider that with proper preparation and practice, TEFL learners will be able to experience useful and meaningful learning. This research was undertaken as a descriptive research, it is divided to three chapters, two theoretical chapters and a chapter for the field work. Both theoretical chapters include parts about the speaking skill in the EFL classroom, Speech anxiety and Oral presentation projects in the EFL context. As for the third chapter, it is devoted for the field work and to the analyses of teachers’ interviews and the students’ questionnairesen_US
dc.titleUsing Oral Presentation Projects to Help EFL Learners Reduce Speech Anxietyen_US
dc.typeMasters thesisen_US
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