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dc.contributor.authorMs. Salima Mazouzi-
dc.description.abstractForeign language learners are generally facing difficulties to use the foreign language to express their thoughts effectively. They avoid talking because they face psychological obstacles or cannot find the appropriate words and expressions. The hypothesis of this dissertation is that the more pupils are motivated, trust their abilities, and low anxious; the more likely they are going to develop their speaking abilities in the foreign language. The research method adopted in this study is a descriptive one. It intends to describe two variables: affective factors as the presumed independent variable and foreign language speaking as the presumed dependent variable, and to identify the relationship between them. Data were gathered through a series of questionnaires administered to a sample of 28 students and 08 teachers at the middle school and one interview with 05 pupils at Nara middle school. The results obtained showed that anxiety, lack of motivation and poor self-esteem affected pupils’ oral production. The analysis of these factors led to suggest what we believe is likely to reduce inhibition among learners.en_US
dc.titleAnalysis of Some Factors Affecting Learners’ Oral Performanceen_US
dc.typeMasters thesisen_US
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