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Title: The Integration of Information Communication Technologies to Enhance Learners Speaking Skill:
Authors: Miss. Fatima Zohra ABDESSELAM
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: This research project, entitled “The Integration of Information Communication Technologies Enhance Learners Speaking Skill: The Case of Third Year English LMD Students and Teachers at Sétif 2University”, Shed light on foreign language learners’ inability to communicate in the target language particularly in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The case of the study is about third year LMD students and their teachers; the participants were fifty students and five teachers of the oral expression module who have at least a Magister degree. The data were collected through using both qualitative and quantitative methods: classroom observation and focused group discussion. Therefore we have utilized two questionnaires; one is administered to students and the other one to teachers to collect their opinions about ICTs’ integration in the EFL classroom to overcome learners’ challenges in oral communication. This study recognizes the barriers that inhibit students to communicate orally in a successful way through raising their awareness about their preferences while learning how to communicate orally. Teachers also are concerned by raising awareness about their methods and preferences in the EFL teaching in order to explain how the integration of Information Communication Technologies would enhance learners’ speaking skills.
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