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dc.contributor.authorKaltoum Lakehal-
dc.description.abstractTeaching is an enjoyable and beneficial experience though it is sometimes a difficult and hard job. The main problem that teachers may face is to deal with teenagers. For them, it is very hard to control and discipline the students’ behaviour in this age. The most appropriate solution for that is to manage the classroom perfectly. In classroom situation, the teacher works energetically to create an environment which is emotionally safe and physically ordered. Accordingly, the achievement, behaviour and motivation of the pupils can be influenced by the encouraging classroom circumstances. This descriptive study aims at investigating the role of classroom management in improving the students’ motivation. For finding out the relationship between the two elements, we have hypothesized that if the classroom is well managed, then the pupils would be more motivated. The questionnaire is the basic research tool. The first questionnaire was distributed to four middle school teachers. The analysis of this questionnaire revealed that a strong relationship is between classroom management and the concepts: an orderly classroom environment, discipline and motivation. The second questionnaire was delivered to forty one (41) second year pupils at Ahmed Rida Houhou middle school. The analysis of such questionnaire showed that the pupils’ behaviours are the reactions to the teacher’s actions and behaviours in the classroom. Depending on these findings, we suggest that teachers are expected to be motivated in order to support the students and make them interested in the academic content. Another main recommendation is that it is advisable for the teachers to model different life skills, habits and routines.en_US
dc.titleThe role of classroom management in enhancing language learners' motivationen_US
dc.typeMasters thesisen_US
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