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dc.contributor.authorعطاف, ع.-
dc.contributor.authorسعيدي, ح.-
dc.contributor.authorبن خذير, م.ل.-عيدة, م.ص-
dc.description.abstractRecently great interest has been paid to amorphous silicon nitride thin films which have found a large range of application. Certain device processing requires a low temperature of film deposition, thus making sputtering a potentially useful fabrication technique. In order to investigate the influence of the radio frequency (RF) power on the optical properties of amorphous silicon nitride (a-SixNy), films were deposited using powers between 150 and 400 W. The deposition rate is an increasing function of the power. Infrared spectroscopic analysis indicates that the concentration of Si-N bonds is reduced with increase in the RF power. However, the concentration of Si-Si bonds and =N° and =Si° dangling bonds are enhanced. A decrease in the optical gap and an increase in the gap state density, refractive index and valence band tail width are observed in films depositedat at high RF power.en_US
dc.subjectsilicon nitrideen_US
dc.subjectoptical propertiesen_US
dc.subjectdielectric thin filmsen_US
dc.titleعلى الخصائص الضوئية لشرائح نيتريد السيلسسيوم اللامتبلور المحضرة بطريقة الرش المهبطي RF تأثير الإستطاعةen_US
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