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dc.contributor.authorغلاب, نعيمـة-
dc.contributor.authorزغيب, مليكة-
dc.contributor.authorشايب, حنان-
dc.description.abstractConsecutive developments seen in the world in recent decades has leaded to increased competition between organizations, and made their existence and continuity associated with the extent of their ability to confront other local competitors as well international. These situations have pushed companies to adopt strategies to focus on core business and make the best use of their competitive advantages, enhancing their competitiveness, using the strategies of outsourcing, the most important is subcontracting. Our study focused on the reality of this strategy and its impact on competitiveness in Complex natural gas liquefaction in Skikda. The study leads to an imbalance in the implementation of the strategy which led to many problems, despite some improvement in competitivenessen_US
dc.titleمساهمة المقاولة من الباطن في تحسين القدرة التنافسية للمؤسسة الاقتصادية دراسة حالة مركب تمييع الغاز الطبيعي بسكيكدةen_US
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