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dc.contributor.authorO. Kraâ-
dc.contributor.authorM.Bahri-, A.Aboubou"-
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents the modelling and the control strategies based on the states feedback control of an Electrical Vehicle (EV). The Electromechanical behaviour of studied system is modelled by using the states representation deduced from the electrical and dynamical laws. Two kinds of methods are used to determine the values of control'i parameters, first one is the states feedback regulator using pole placement, and the second one is the Linear Quadratic RegulatorllQR). The pole-placement design allows determining the values of the controller's parameters by the displacement of the poles to specified locations according to the zeros of a desired polynomial, whereas the values of feedback vector gains are obtained by resolving the Ricatti equation in LeR method. Finally, the simulation of the proposed controller was carried out for the European, the American and the siander driving cycles as the EV speed references in order to validate its robustness and its dynamical pirformances.en_US
dc.subjectElectric vehicle, stare Feedback, Modelling. pole placemenr. LeR. Ricatti equarionen_US
dc.titlestates Feedback control Applied to The Elecrric vehicleen_US
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