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Title: Le rôle d'évaluation des compétences dans la valorisation des ressources humaines Cas du Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique sur les Régions Arides ''Omar EL-BERNAOUI'' –Biskra-
Authors: سميرة هيشر
Keywords: Human resources, Human resources’ valuation, Ways of human resources’ valuation, Skills, Skills’ evaluation.
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2016
Abstract: ABSTRACT : It is aimed in this study to reveal the extent to which evaluating skills contributes to human resources valuation and finding the related results. It is also sought to analyze the actual real situation and the extent of using the results of evaluating skills in human resources valuation in Algerian institutions through the different ways of valuation that the institution uses. These ways are: empowerment, rewards, confession and configuration. The present study targeted 209 employers of the scientific and technical research centre of dry areas – Omar El -BERNAOUI,-Biskra. The data was collected from the sample via means of “questionnaire”. The means of “interview” was also used to backup the justification of the results of practical study. In order to achieve the aim of the study; It has been opted for many statistical methods like cronbach alpha to ensure stability, duplicates and percentages to describe the variables of the study and the arithmetic mean to extract the degree of answering on the questions of the study . To reveal the effect of skills evaluation in valuating human resources, regression analysis was used to. The results of this type of analysis has revealed that there is a strong relationship between skills’ evaluation and human resources’ valuation. The study also revealed that human resources’ valuation has results on both the individual and the institution. On the basis of this study’s results, some recommendation has been made. The latter is mainly reinforcing the use of human resources’ valuation in Algerian institutions, with a focus on using the results of this operation on taking different decisions related to the human resource, the most important resources in the institution.
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