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dc.contributor.authorعبد الرزاق أمقران-
dc.description.abstractJacques attali, the adviser of the former Frenchpresident, FrançoisMitterrand,but also a great economist and a man of arts, has directedrecently his academic interests towards the study of recurrent economic crisis which are overwhelming the world in unexpected effects and unprecedented trends. He has translated his ideas, positions and theories in a set of articles, books and mass-media appearances and altogether meet at three principal issues. He somehow, predicts that the world in its hard efforts tobebetter off, will have no alternative than to establish what hecalls “The worlddemocratic government”.en_US
dc.titleتخطي الأزمات الاقتصادية وانجاز الحكومة الديموقراطية العالمية: قراءة في فكرجاك أتالي.en_US
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