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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jun-2013An Authentic Approach to WritingDr. Saliha Chelli; Hayet Graoui
10-Jun-2013The Competency-Based Approach & the LMD SystemDr. Saliha Chelli
10-Jun-2013The Competency-based Approach in Higher EducationDr. Saliha Chelli
10-Jun-2013The Competency-based Aproach in Algeria : A Necessity in the Era of GlobalizationDr. Saliha Chelli
10-Jun-2013Developing Students’ Writing Abilities by the Use of Self Assessment through PortfoliosDr. Saliha Chelli
10-Jun-2013The Effects of a Writing Approach Fitting the Competency-Based Approach and the LMD System National seminar: EFL Course Design and Implementation within the LMD SystemDr. Saliha Chelli; Nachoua HA SSINA
10-Jun-2014Interlingual or Intralingual Errors in the Use of Prepositions and ArticlesDr. Saliha Chelli
10-Jun-2014An Investigation of the Listening Strategies Used by Second-Year EFL Students at Biskra UniversityDr. Saliha Chelli
10-Jun-2014“Relations that Matter”: Novice Researchers’ Cooperation with Others for Mutual SupportDr. Saliha Chelli; Hayet Graoui
10-Jun-2014Teacher Development: A Necessity in the Algerian Middle SchoolDr. Saliha Chelli
10-Jun-2014Writing Assessment under the Competency Based Approach Paper submitted for the first national conference: Current Trends in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning- flexibility- Creativity and InnovationDr. Saliha Chelli; Warda KHOUNI
10-Jun-2014Writing in English: Towards a Genuine Application in the Competency-Based ApproachDr. Saliha Chelli