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Title: The Competency-Based Approach & the LMD System
Authors: Dr. Saliha Chelli
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2013
Abstract: The adoption of the LMD system in higher education in Algeria has become a necessity in order to go along with rapid changes in all spheres of life. The development of education was influenced by such features as globalization, the formation of a unified space and competitiveness in the labour market. But in spite of the change from the traditional system to the LMD system, there is no real change at the university level. However, in the previous levels –middle and secondary education- a recent approach has been implemeted together with the change of syllabuses and course books. The question which should be raised is that normally this should have a continuation or at least we should try to adopt an approach that suits the change towards the LMD system. This contribution first gives an overview of the theoretical aspects of competency-based approach and the background to the LMD and then goes on to consider the suitability of such as approach with LMD purposes. But before doing that, the terms competence and competency will be defined briefly. It is also intended to stimulate discussion &bout the need of a change in teaching in accordance with new demands of life including job requirements in order to foster learner‟s autonomy, and thus, to form a graduate responsible and capable of facing rapid changes in the era of globalization
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