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Title: Les espaces publics entre forme et pratique dans les villes arides et semi arides (Cas des places publiques de la ville de Ouargla)
Authors: GHERRAZ, Halima
Keywords: Public spaces
public spaces
urban planning
physical constraints
dysfunctional public square
perception of space usage and practical
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Public space and particularly the public place is one of the main elements of the urban tissue, since them birth, these places act as a driving force of daily life of the inhabitants, on the one hand they are nodes, elements that articulate the urban fabric, and voids which are landmarks in the city, on the other, they are the place of social cohesion or weave the different relationships between users (trade, relaxation, leisure, meeting ... etc..), but over time and with different successive changes which affected the economic, social and political all cities including the Algerian city of Ouargla, most of them lost their space are vocation, the public continues to play a major role in the city. The issue of public places today refers to recurring issues in several areas such as urban planning, architecture and sociology course. The main objective of this study is to identify the problem of neglect and dysfunction of these areas and verifying the influence of morphology on the use of these areas, through: - Identification of morphological characteristics of places studied using typo-morphological approach, she is interested in their physical configuration, and it tends to reveal the dialectical relationship between urban forms and their various stakeholders ( designers, users ... etc..). - Identification of the different modes of use and ownership of these places, and to identify factors that influence these patterns of users. - The determination of the various parameters that are involved in the creation of a daily life in the public square, through the verification of formal parameters, functional and climatic parameters.
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