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Title: Vers une référenciation des ambiances lumineuses, Cas de l’héritage architectural résidentiel du 20 ème siècle
Authors: Rezig, Djemoui
Keywords: precedent
lighting ambience
Residential inheritance
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The development of an architectural project is a fairly complex, technical, artistic and sensitive. It often seeks research ideas and referential information that can assist the designer in developing his project and precisely for our case here a bright atmosphere. For an architect, everything can become reference. The implementation of the design in a project feeds all kinds of potential data, and in order to assist the luminous design with referential procedures according to a discourse, a type of bay or space morphology, it use a referential catalog. The purpose of our contribution is to meet the needs of the architect by helping to design the ticket referential catalog which contains discourse information, graphics and typological simultaneously from a speech, a schema (picture or diagram or sketch) and also a typology to serve him as a reference in his design. This model will be called referential catalog as a draft thinking that will contribute to the development of a tool to be used by the architects to help them design their light environments.
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