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Title: Étude analytique des espaces publics urbains en Algérie (Cas des places et placettes de la ville de Batna)
Authors: GUEDOUDJ, Wided
Keywords: Public spaces
public squares
hosting spaces
(dialogue, consultation, conferring)
co using
appropriate uses
colonial city
urban sustainable development
urban inheritance
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This study is interested in tackling analytically the subject of the public spaces, essentially the public squares within cities; as an essential urban entity to the constant and future development of the cities, and of the surrounding citizen's life. The interest in this subject is coming from its huge current (novelty), and a much researched field. Space with much stakes, facets, and in a continuous change; it constitutes a big cause of concerns, engendering by this way many concepts and tendencies (hosting spaces, citizenship, sociability, urbanity...), that also belong to many disciplines in which interests goes to researching in logics of these spaces' integration, and the strength cohesion between citizen and public space. This is why, we have been oriented in studying the emergence origins, and practicability of the public space, as an asset and a potential that refers to the rational and concerned use of the city, and also one of the criterion of urbanity and sociability recommendation......
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