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dc.contributor.authorHamza, Soumia-
dc.description.abstractThis study focuses to the essentiel part of the wind tubine which is the tower . The tower can be hold the wind turbine rotor at the certain height to must have highest wind speed and regular. The interest of this study is justified in order to minimize the cost it only represents about 30% of the total cost of the wind turbine. Our contribution through this work is to present the approach for the calculation of such a structure has several features, we lock firste through a phase of modeling and calculation of the various demands for operation of the tower and its geometry, then comes the computation required for verification of resistance to extreme loads operation. The calculation tool is the finite elements. Studied tower is a tower of tubular form made about steel having a height of 78 meters which may be hold 1.6 MW turbine power. The results illustrate the behavior of the tower, identify the section most attract and check the resistance of the structure according to the standards placesen_US
dc.subjectwind turbineen_US
dc.subjectfinite elementsen_US
dc.titleConception par la CAO des parties fixes d’une éolienne et les solutions technologiques de liaisons de l’installationen_US
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