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Title: Spécificités spatiales et logiques sociales d'un nouveau type d'habitat domestique du Hodna oriental Le type "Diar Charpenti"
Authors: BOUTABBA, Hynda
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This research is a contribution in the field that formalizes the complex and fundamental link between architecture and society. It focuses on the spatial study of a new type of housing appeared in this last decade in an agropastoral area of Algeria: the eastern Hodna. Housing whose stylistic expressions are diverse and at the same time opposed to the local rural architectural references and to the habits and customs of a semi-nomadic society which is recently established. Former nomads, people of Hodna moved from an ambulant habitat: the tent commonly called "Guittoune", passing through several other types more or less endogenous to a new type of domestic house-castle named "Diar charpenti ", in a relatively short period of time. Indeed, the socio-economic and political mutations reflected in particular by the liberalization of foreign trade, by encouraging the private sector and by the dramatic situation experienced by Algeria in the 1990s, have promoted fundamental changes not only in the socio-economic but also urban and architectural fields, across the country, particularly in the eastern region of Hodna. Fuelled by the economic boom generated by the anarchic economy developed during the period of political instability, by a certain population group: the barons of the informal, this region has been subjected to an accelerated process of change at all levels that allowed the creation of a new physical environment materialized by a domestic architectural framework that has little in common with its predecessor......
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