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Title: جريمة العدوان في ظل النظام الأساسي للمحكمة الجنائية الدولية
Authors: دهان, محمد ضياء الدين
دحامنية, علي
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2017
Publisher: univ-biskra
Abstract: The crime of aggressive as international crime is one of the most important topics, that's because of this crime causes dangerous damages effect the interests and the core values which the international community always ensure the protection and inviolabilty of them,it includes severe aggression on the vital interests that the international criminal law and the humanitarian international law ensure special protection. Then the much-talked-about the crime of aggressive as the axis of the international criminal law and it presents one of the main problems the world faces. Also it is as present one of the main issues that still preoccupy the international community because of its danger does not threaten person himself but threatens entity and the whole structure of the international community. And the international community witnesses from the beginning until the establishment of the permanent international criminal court grave violation to the international charters that roll between nations and the humanitarian norms, it consisted in commiting crimes of aggression that shaked the conscience of humanity which effected in the same time the entity of nations, which led the international community to make great efforts to lay cabale grounds to punish who commits this crime.
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