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Title: Vulnérabilité à l’Envasement des Barrages (cas du bassin Hydrographique des Côtiers Algérois)
Authors: Ammari, Abdelhadi
Keywords: Coastal Algiers watershed
sediment transport
specific erosion
reservoir siltation
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The present study is divided into two principal parts; hydrometric and sediment transport. For the first one; the analysis of the data gave possibility to evaluate the average annual rainfall over the whole basin, this one is very variable from the East to the West with an average of 700mm with a surface runoff of 140mm, which represents a mean contribution of 1.5 Billion cubic meters in front of a storage capacity of 628 Hm3, unfortunately badly distributed. The study was also interested on the data acquisition methods, among most revolutionary ones there is the Chiu’s Entropy method, which gave very interesting results after application on Twenty Oueds of the basin. In the end, the examination of the sediment transport data allowed the development of a specific erosion sensitivity map (specific degradation), where we can see zones very touched such us upstream El Harrach and Bouroumi, and zones much less like Sebaou . This map is an interesting decision-making tool, for a good water resources management in the catchment’s area of the Coastal Algiers watershed.
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